TRACEs trauma, resiliency and adverse childhood experiences Central Oregon partners with other nonprofits to help adults and children in the area thrive. According to Katie McClure, director of TRACEs , in the fall of a group of organizations commissioned a review of what other communities were doing to address adverse childhood experiences. What they found was the difference between those who have a lot of adversity and go on to have a lot of adult challenges versus those who have similar adversity and are better equipped to thrive is called resilience, and McClure set out to find a way to help those in need. Part of TRACEs' mission is to promote community education about the effects of ACEs and the power of resilience, and to strengthen individual knowledge and skills. Another way TRACEs helps people thrive is to influence policy and legislation to remove barriers and make it easier to nurture resilience in our communities, McClure said. ... Read More
I was wondering. Since a new Dodge Avenger is coming out soon, should the Dodge Avenger have a seperate page? I think it should because not only the fact of its future production, but also the fact that a concept car was produced as well, and the concept car is totally different than the Sebring. Just passing through to do some minor housekeeping tasks, and noticed a couple of things. First, I tidie the images that were left-justified, as the text was getting squeezed into a fairly small space between the photos and infoboxes. ... Read More
The manufacturer's signature quality, luxury and attention to detail can be found throughout the new model range. All models are available in All Wheel Drive, excluding XJ, allowing you the optimum drive whatever the weather conditions. Its vehicles are also highly distinctive in style, demonstrating world-class engineering that allows each car to reach its full roaring potential. This wide-ranging model line-up ensures that there's a perfect Jaguar for you. Each one is provided with the extensive customisation and specification levels you'd expect, allowing you to carefully make it as individual as you are. ... Read More
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Gulliver Phallophorus and the Maids of Honour in Brobdingnag. By the time "the curious Reader"1 reaches chapter 5 of Part 2, "A Voyage to Brobdingnag," he has witnessed a seismic upheaval of Gulliver's relativity scale. They are also part and. Already the king's three great scholars, after carefully examining Gulliver through a magnifying glass, pronounce him a "Relplum Scalcath," or "Lusus Naturae" GT He has shed away all his humanity both physical and spiritual to be downgraded into a live puppet which both the farmer's baby son and the king stroke gently GT 78, with their hands like an unpredictable pet that must be caressed into reticent subservience, if not slavery in the case of the Brobdingnagian farmer. ... Read More
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Skip to main content Gary Kieper. Something went wrong. Please try your request again later. Gary speaks to audiences around the country on the topics of sales training, transition planning, business, and storytelling. He has extensive experience working in the banking, manufacturing and insurance industries, as well as, advertising and marketing. ... Read More
Plus size and Queen size compression stockings for Women are comfortable and provide medical grade compression to reduce swelling and help recovery. These are also maternity compression stockings. Expandable waist is comfortable and non-binding. Ideal for anyone that wants a pantyhose that isn't a control top. This is a top pick for anyone looking for a comfortable pantyhose. ... Read More
Our application allows users to read and collaboratively write Infinite Stories. They are otherwise known as branching, choose-your-own-adventure, CYOA or text adventures — all collectively known as interactive fiction wiki. You can also use our tool to create very finite interactive workflows, menu prototypes and image adventures. We offer many unique features such as writing clans, image uploads, private stories, submission review, private messaging and room linking. Create an account or login to create your own stories. ... Read More